Misono is a Japanese pop-rock singer-songwriter , actress and TV personality. She was born in Kyoto , Japan, and is the younger sister of singer Koda Kumi.

10/19(FRI) 8:30PM - 9:30PM

10/20(SAT) 7:30PM - 8:30PM

10/21(SUN) 1PM - 2Pm


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Anna Umemiya

Talk Show&Photo session

10/20(Sat) 6PM-6:30PM

10/21(Sun) 2:30PM-3PM

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Layla Lane

Somewhere in the bustling alleys of the pop music metropolis
lies L.A.-based rock duo Layla Lane.Layla Lane combines exquisite
arrangements and clever harmonies for a style that is equal parts
1960's pop, gypsy swing, and good old-fashioned rock n' roll. All in
the context of catchy pop tunes that rarely clock in past three minutes, the resulting sound is both playfully nostalgic and uncommonly fresh.

10/20(Sat) 6:30PM

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Cosplay Show & LIVE

10/20(Sat) 5PM



10/20(Sat) 9PM


10/20(Sat) 2PM

10/21(Sun) 12PM

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Kabuki Style Music, Shamisen & Hayashi by Fuji

10/20(Sat) 4PM



10/20(Sat) 3PM

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Cali Crisis

Stephanie Yanez is a Anime/Jpop artist who has been touring the US and Japan since she won AX Idol at Anime Expo and is known for releasing the original song “Ultimate Miku World” with Hatsune Miku. Together Stephanie and Plasmic perform their own original songs while also covering famous Anime/Jpop songs with a 80’s vibe.

10/20(Sat) 4:30PM-5PM



10/21(Sun) 12:30PM-1PM

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Ikebana Workshop

Take home your creation. Please join us for Japanese calligraphy and Ikebana demonstration.

10/20(Sat) 1:30PM-2PM

10/21(Sun) 11:30AM-12PM

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Actress / Model
[Miss Asian America 2006-2007 and Miss Talent 2006-2007, Miss San Jose Grand Prix 2006] Actress, host, and beauty queen Jennifer Field was born and raised in San Jose, California, and graduated from Santa Clara University, with a B.A. in Theatre Arts. Miss Field holds the title of Miss Asian America 2006-2007, and is half Korean, half English-
Irish-German. A host for Kore Asian Media, she also recurs on Dish Network’s Sangre Negra and recently co-starred on the season finale of Chance, the psychological thriller on Hulu starring Hugh Laurie. She is currently a series regular in the pilot Web of Spies,
the spinoff of Netflix’s Granite Flats starring Christopher Lloyd, Parker Posey, and Cary Elwes. She has shot commercial campaigns for Amazon, Samsung, Logitech, Jinro Soju, and Stitch Fix. For leisure, Jennifer enjoys reading, writing, snowboarding, and spending time with her family and four year old son Abraham. An avid hiker, she annually vacations to one of the nation’s beautiful National Parks. She has visited nearly every national park and monument in the western United States.

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MC. Samantha Veil

Actress / Model

Samantha appeared on Investigation Discovery's "I (Almost) Got Away With It”, where she played a college student named Jennifer Jones who fell for a con artist posing as a war veteran. Samantha also appeared on the hit web series, SMOSH! in their most popular episodes such as "If Holidays Were Real" and "A Seven Year Old Does Twilight". She also lit up Hollywood’s Next Stage Theater in in their production “Happily Whatever After” as Cinderella.

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10/20(SAT) 3:30PM-4PM

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10/19(Fri) 5:30PM-6PM

10/21(Sun) 2PM-2:30PM

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10/19(Fri) 6PM-6:30PM

10/20(Sat) 2:30PM-3PM

10/21(Sun) 3:30PM-4PM

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Ring Da Bingo(Hip Hop)

10/19(Fri) 5PM-5:30PM

10/21(Sun) 3PM-3:30PM

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Jinu Park





Rinko Kimino

Author/Creative Director/Event Producer(Kimono Fashion Show. Kimono Party, workshops etc). Kimono Styling for Photo Shooting, Ad, TV, Movie, etc.

Author of 16 books about kimono, folk craft goods, kabuki, etc. She is also a producer and product development planner of kimono and Japanese folk craft goods in Japan. Rinko is a successful event producer and planner. Her works are geared toward the youth of Japan, and promote Japanese traditions such as kimonos, tenugui towels and the kabuki theater with a modern sensibility.
Event producer and planner such as the Kimono Fashion show on 2011 and 2013 in LA. Workshop in Japan, Thailand and LA. Curated Antique Kimono Exhibition in NY 2015.